XVII. Internationales Produktionstechnisches Kolloquium

XVII. Internationales Produktionstechnisches Kolloquium

Speaker Information: Dr.-Ing. Friedrich Halstenberg

Vortrag, 14. September 2023, 15:30 – 17:00 Uhr

Model-based Life Cycle Assessment and Product Development in the Maritime Engine Industry

Dr.-Ing. Friedrich Halstenberg

Sustainability Consultant and Researcher, GreenDelta

Products need to be ecologically assessed at an early development stage in order to ensure optimal decisions. The model-based Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approach addresses this challenge by combining system dynamics and LCA models. Within the EU-funded ENGINE project, the developed approach is applied and tested using the example of the marine engine industry.

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Ciroth

Geschäftsführer, GreenDelta